On this page you can find resources, announcements, forms, and websites that may be helpful if you practice in Dodge County.

Fond du Lac Probate E-Filing Memo
Dodge Co. Sheriff Decision Tree re: Jail or EM
Alcohol Sentencing Guidelines

2015 (current) Alcohol Sentencing Guidelines – Excel Format

Information for Guardians\Guardianship Packet
Download the Guardianship Packet put together by the Register in Probate’s Office in Dodge County! This is a wonderful resource!


E-Filing Information & Resources
  1. Handout – “Preparing Your Office for Mandatory e-Filing”
  2. Handout – “Highlights of the New e-Filing Rule” – Created by Judge Storck
  3. Letter – e-Filing Implementation Plan from Director of State Courts
  4. Handout – “The Importance of Labeling” – Created by Judge Sciascia
  5. Handout – “How to Remove Metadata from Word Documents”
Helpful Websites & Online Resources
  1. Wisconsin Circuit Court Forms
  2. Dodge County Website – Great resource for more information regarding the County.
  3. Interactive Map of Dodge County – WGExtreme – Great mapping tool that allows you to quickly identify parcels by legal description or regular address.  Plus much much more.
  4. Dodge County Land Records Search – A go to resource for anyone in the County.
Forms and Other Resources
  1. 2016 Local Bar Handbook – A handbook provided at the Local and Specialty Bar Leadership Conference in Madison.  It explains the resources provided by the Wisconsin State Bar to support local bar associations, and their Members.
  2. Mediation Services from Judge Bissonnette 
  3.  Announcement from US District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin 
  4.  Memo from Clerk of Courts – Change to Criminal Sentencing Procedure
  5. 2016 Divorce\Annulment Memo & Worksheet —  Download WORKSHEET   — Download MEMO
  6. Instructions for Using the Projector in Dodge County Branch 3
  7. Memorandum from Judge Storck Regarding a Change to the Fax Numbers for the Register in Probate
  8. Dodge County Alcohol Treatment Court/TAD Initial Referral 
  9. Sample Non-Judicial Settlement Agreement
  10. DNA Law Memo
  11. eFiling Handout
  12. Delta Justice Services, LLC – Contact Information and Letter (Alternate PSI’s, Alternative to Revocation Plans, Service of Process)
  13. Private Attorney Involvement Plan 2016
  14. CARE Program – Credit Abuse Resistance Education
TAD Program/Dodge County Alcohol Treatment Court Information
  1. TAD Program Brochure
  2. TAD Program Contact Information
  3. TAD Program Sample Letter to Counsel
  4. Dodge County Alcohol Treatment Court/TAD Initial Referral